Shiksha Prayas Get Involved

Get Involved

There are many ways you can contribute, choose your way.

Make a donation, Recommend a student, Volunteer, Or Adopt a cause.

Make a Donation

Shiksha-Prayas can receive contributions from Indians as well as from NRI’s. Donate for a good cause and help a child live his dream. A dream to relish the taste of education, live with dignity, contribute for the betterment of society and above all in shaping a secured future.

Recommend a Student

Know someone who is deserving but need a little help to get the higher education? Recommend him/her to us.
Speak up for these kids and be their Hero!


Become a mentor for sponsored students.
Visit a Free Tuition Center to meet and encourage students.
Become part of the team!

Adopt a cause

Adopt a cause such as ‘Sponsor a child’, ‘Provide hardware or software for our FTCs’, or ‘Donate books and stationary’ etc.
Your gift might change life of many!