Shiksha Prayas Objective



46. Qutub_030Government of India is doing a lot to provide basic primary education to children under several programs. This is a valuable effort from Indian Government, but the biggest questions are,

  • Does the socio-economic condition of these children allow/enthuse them to go to school or get benefits of these educational programs or
  • How effective are these programs or how many students drop out of school and why?


These questions need to be answered.



3. FTC Kanhai LibraryThe main objective of Shiksha-Prayas is to contribute to the society by helping the children in the under-privileged areas towards better education. We believe that basic education is the key to growth of our future, our children and hence the growth of our society.

The key focus of our efforts is to mentor and encourage students from poor families towards education, primarily the ones, who lack such guidance at home (from parents) and are more prone to dropping out of schools at an early age.