Shiksha Prayas About Us

About Us

“Shiksha Prayas” is a hindi phrase meaning “Endeavor to Education”.

Shiksha Prayas is a non-profit organisation, in field of education for underprivileged children. Shiksha Prayas has been operating in Gurgaon and other parts of Haryana.

Shiksha Prayas has 2 key programmes: Free Tuition Centre and Student Scholarships

The purpose of the organization is to promote studies amongst children, who are not privileged enough due to their socio-economic conditions. Current activities include Free Tuition Centres and sponsorship to students.


Operating Since: November 2000

Kanhai FTC started: November 2000

Registered as charitable trust: June 2002

Taraori FTC started: September 2002

IT Registration (12A): January 2004

Siwan FTC started: 03-November-2008

80-G Tax Exemption status: Approved since financial year 2010-11 (Assessment year 2011-12)