Shiksha Prayas Free Tution Centre

Free Tution Centre


To help the students coming from lower income group with free tuition and scholarships, so they stay in school.


The children in the poor families mostly study in Government schools. In these schools, student to teacher ratio is high and too much focus is not given to individual students. These students don’t get desired attention from parents also. So, they slowly start losing interest and many of these students drop out.

How FTC helps:

Shiksha Prayas team up with the idea of Free Tuition Centre, where children of poor families get free after-school tuitions. The center supports the studies of students, who can’t afford paid tuitions.

  • We’ve experienced teachers to teach, guide, and encourage students for studies.
  • Teachers meet parents on a regular basis, encourage them to give time to their kids, and support them in studies. We seek parents feedback.
  • We conduct tests, writing/reading/drawing competitions and winners are awarded with gifts/prizes.
  • Occasionally, Students are given snacks and treats such as fruits/toffees/chocolates etc.
  • Students are given some gift of daily utility on occasions, such as toothbrush/ socks /shoes /handkerchiefs as per their need.
  • Teachers do analyse if there’s anything, which can help in areas where some student is lagging, like handwriting improvement, book etc.
  • All the stationary is given for free to students and results so far have been very encouraging.
  • We provide basic computer education through our Computer Centres.

Key highlights in the centers are:

  • The students, who studied in the center, have been amongst the toppers in their class.
  • The parents actively participate in Parents Teachers meet.
  • Students start showing more interest in studies.
  • Other students from nearby area have started approaching us for such tuition.

Average expense per year per student at Free Tuition Center is Rs 6,000.