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Taraori FTCTaraori FTC

After our success with first FTC in Kanhai, more supporters joined and we opened our second FTC on on September 16th, 2002 in a small town ‘Taraori’ of district Karnal. Taraori has an average literacy rate of 62%, and we hope to help it increase with our efforts. This center teaches kids from 6th to […]

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Kanhai Center

Siwan FTCSiwan FTC

Siwan is the 3rd Free Tuition Center of Shikha Prayas. Siwan is a large village located in Kaithal Tehsil of Kaithal district. Siwan village has lower literacy rate compared to Haryana.  We worked hard and with help of local government school principal, opened our FTC on November 3rd, 2008. This center provides help to kids […]

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Kanhai FTCKanhai FTC

History of this village ‘Kanhai’ (close to Gurgaon), is as old as Mahabharat times and it’s believed that Guru Draonacharya used to give teaching in this village. What better place to start our first FTC than this? With help of many locals and supporters, this center was opened by Shiksha Prayas’s founder Pawan Kamra on November 11, 2000. […]

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